About Us

Adriana Rizzo - Partner


Adriana's passion for Halotherapy (Salt Therapy) began seven years ago while waiting in her Doctor's office, scheduled for her third sinus surgery. She overheard two ladies talking about a "salt cave" and how it had miraculously helped one of the ladies' husbands with COPD. She was curious about this and asked the lady for more information.
Adriana went on to meet the owner; a woman who had brought this therapy from her home country in Poland. She spoke to this woman and explained about her sinusitis and her surgeries and the woman told her to come in for some sessions.

When Adriana returned to see her Dr., after having done only 6 sessions, he looked at her x-rays and asked why she was recommended for surgery? He then compared the last x-ray to the current one and the difference was incredible. Her Dr. asked her what she was doing and she told him. He told her to keep doing what she was doing.
Adriana's passion grew from there to help others who are suffering and the rest is history...in the making!

Sandy Caradonna - Partner



Sandy Caradonna is a local Bolton Mom of two , who has spent seven years in the wellness field as a clinic manager for a group of Walk in and Chiropractic Clinics.  She is also an entrepreneur, having had her own Creative Event Favour business on the side. 

She is passionate about natural healing has always had a belief that nature has a solution to most problems and is a great believer in the healing properties of Himalayan Pink Salt. 

Antonio Rizzo - Partner



You can say that Tony was the "rock" of our Salt Cave creation. He built the entire place himself; over-seeing all projects and worked in tangent with the contractors. He put his heart and soul into building our Salt Cave and was in sheer joy as he saw the cave completed. We can feel the love every time we open the doors. 

 We are very proud of his accomplishment. He enjoys greeting the people who come in, offering his assistance to our customers  and enjoys seeing the joy on their faces when they step into our place.  

Stephanie Merkley, RMT


Stephanie has been a practicing Registered Massage Therapist for over 16 years working in the field of rehabilitation and health care helping her clients improve and maintain their optimal wellness.  Stephanie graduated from the 2200 hour massage therapy program at Kikkawa College in 2001.  She has extensive experience in treatment of a wide variety of conditions and is continuing her journey in the field of alternative natural therapies.  She is currently in the process of completing her certification as an Aromatherapist after a year long program in Aromatherapy which uses natural plant based therapies to help heal the mind, body & spirit.  She is passionate about supporting the Alzheimer's Society and The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration (AFTD) and participates in the Walk for Memories in Toronto annually.  Stephanie is inspired every day by her husband Pat and amazing children, Devin & Cohan. 

Aras Petrauskas, RMT


  Aras has been practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist since 2012, and is a graduate of the Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching clinic in Toronto. Aras has experience treating a broad spectrum of clients and seeks to personalize each treatment relative to individual treatment goals. He has worked at a MVA focused clinic specializing in the treatment of complex neurological presentations, and has worked with relatively healthy individuals as well as athletes trying to maintain and optimize their good health.

Aras is passionate about a holistic perspective on healthcare which seeks to identify and address causes of disease at their root, and is pursuing continued education as a Certified Nutrition Practitioner while educating himself about other health promoting modalities.

Aras grew up in the city but has since moved to Caledon where he lives in an old schoolhouse with his spouse, dog, rabbit, and three chickens. Aras Enjoys working with his hands and is an amateur woodworking hobbyist in his spare time. Also a lifelong basketball fan, Aras tries to play as often as he can.